What We Can Learn From the Barbie Movie Part 2

Embracing the True Self

Spoiler Alert – Some plot points are revealed.


The Barbie movie comes at a pivotal time in our world. On an individual and collective level, we are facing important questions of identity, truthfulness, and values.  These questions are at the core of both Barbie and Ken’s stories. During the movie, we witness a maturation journey towards self-acceptance and learning to value what is real about themselves. As a result of taking the journey, growth and transformation are possible. This movie depicts a path from the false self (Barbie Land) towards the True Self. 


Barbie and Ken go through a foundational change of perception and relating to themselves and the world. Having taken off the metaphorical pink colored glasses, they begin to see things they haven’t seen before. Ken sees a world where men are empowered and dominant (the patriarchy), and Barbie sees and appreciates a beautiful old woman. Barbie to the old woman: “You are so beautiful.” I love her response: “I know.”


These perceptions lead to a shakeup of their inner and outer worlds, towards what they were lacking. For Ken, that is inner strength and for Barbie, self-acceptance. They begin to “wake up” from their dream world and start living more authentically. “I don’t feel like Barbie anymore.” 

"The real world isn't what I thought it was."

The “world” we create (as our life) is based on a rigid ego structure that develops from various experiences in childhood and societal conditioning. At its root is a belief we are separate from each other and our Creator. Concluding we are alone and deficient, we lose touch with our Center, and our core “True Self”.  We develop defense and avoidance patterns, and a reliance on an idealized, predictable way we attempt to get approval, success, avoid pain, etc. This keeps us locked in a restrictive, limited pattern and way of being that often doesn’t work and creates pain and suffering.


Awareness and admitting the truth helps us break out of the metaphorical box. I loved that it was Gloria’s monologue, speaking the truth of the impossibility of being a woman, that broke the spell of the brainwashed Barbies. 


One of my first “waking up” experiences wasn’t the thought of death, but rather a beautiful moment that happened on a walk in the woods. It was like suddenly the veil of separation was lifted and I had the experience of losing my boundaries with the world around me – I experienced everything including myself as one Being. Wow! – bliss and then bam, out of fear, I bounced back to normal consciousness. That moment started a long journey of trying to understand that experience, and others I have had since. I had a lot of questions including; was that the real world and we are living in the illusion? The answer to that question I have found over and over to be a solid yes, the world of separation is the illusion.  


How Can Barbie's Journey Point the Way?

  • She notices, feels and owns her thoughts and feelings that upset the status quo. She learns to cry!  Read Part 1
  • She follows an inner knowing that moves her in a direction of discovery, which requires courage. She fears becoming the “weird Barbie” but discovers it’s OK to just be herself. 
  • She allows herself to be in uncomfortable situations, speaking her truth, and owning her power.
  • She apologizes and owns the consequences of when she was living in the “dream”. 
  • She’s willing to risk her “perfect” world in the pursuit of living authentically. 
  • She reaches out and accepts support from multiple sources.

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  1. Ah, so great! I LOVED this movie for just this journey you’re describing (as well as the over-the-top song-and-dance numbers and Ryan Gosling’s “Ken,” of course). It was so multi-layered … just like our experiences in this Life! Thank you for sharing. ??

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