The Power to Heal and Transform Is Within You

Healing from the Center™

My approach, Healing from the Center™, helps uncover and heal the core issues underlying many mental and physical conditions through effective holistic, Mind, Body, Spirit modalities. It is my passion to create a safe and sacred space to share the extraordinary tools I have learned through my own journey to allow for a transformation to occur.


Connect to your Higher Self: Free the mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Permanently shift your perception of yourself and the world to safety, potential and possibility.


Return to Balance: Your body holds onto your biography. Shift your current story by releasing old nervous system patterns and traumas held in the body. Learn to nourish your body with the foods, movement, and restorative practices that heal.


Reconnect to your Heart: Heal old emotional wounds, allowing yourself to open to love and compassion. This spiritual center connects us to the energy, wisdom and creativity of our True Self. THIS is the energy of healing.

What Results Can You Expect?

This depends on your level of commitment and your goals. Clients who commit to the 3 session package can expect to truly understand their condition or concerns, be equipped with a plan, tools and resources, and a sense of clarity and confidence that they can feel better.

But why stop there?

I did a survey of a clients who committed to a series of 6 sessions. I asked what they recovered or received from our work together. They answered…. 

What to expect in a session?

Whether in person or online, our work together begins with a getting to know you session where we look at your concerns from a holistic point of view. I start each session with a short meditation leading you to your peaceful Center. Setting an intention comes next to guide our process. From there, each session is unique and is co-created with you. Read more how I weave my framework elements into each session as we embrace, discover, create and embody your highest potential.

Where Do I Start?

Free Inquiry Session or Consult

If you think you may be interested in working with me but want more information whether this is the right approach for you, this is a great place to start. In this free 20 minute call, we will discuss your concerns and goals. We will talk about an approach you are comfortable with. We will both decide whether it is a good fit. Either way, you will leave the call with clarity about your next steps as I do refer out if necessary. Click the button below to get on my schedule.


(Discounted pricing available for young adults, age 18-25)

Whole Health Package

$400 3 sessions
  • Get started on your journey to health, balance and well-being. From your Center, get clear on your vision and intentions, receive personalized education and strategies, make a plan for moving forward and uncover blocks that keep you stuck.

Transformation Package

$650 6 sessions
  • Dive deeper as we uncover what needs to be healed and released, gain confidence in your ability to create health and well-being. Connect to your inner power of transformation and step into your potential.

Healing from the Center Deep Dive

$950 Transformation Package
  • Yes, I’m ready to fully commit to my healing and transformational journey. This includes the Whole Health and Transformation Package at a discounted rate of $950

Coaching/healing session

$125 Single session
  • Work through an emotional trigger or specific issue, or for an energy healing/tuning fork session. Any complex mental/physical health related consults require the Whole Health package.


I do not take insurance, however my services are eligible for reimbursement from Health Savings Accounts. An itemized, dated receipt will be provided for you to submit for that purpose.

I do reserve a few sliding scale spots for those who demonstrate a need for reduced rates.

I do work remotely upon request.

Cash, check, Venmo @Ann-Baker-31,  Paypal and Zelle Quickpay (

I adhere to the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics, which includes a strict confidentiality policy. More information can be found here.

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