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2024 Intention Setting Workshop

January 10th, 7pm Central
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Setting goals and making resolutions often fail.  Why?  Our heart isn’t in them. Our bodies might not agree either. We may have an inner rebel who doesn’t want another thing on the to-do list, another box to check off, or another ‘should’ added to the list of things that already aren’t happening. This just ends up proving our inability to live up to expectations – yours or others. We end up thinking,  “why bother?” or “I knew I was going to fail”… 

Who wants to start the New Year off that way?

I would like to offer an alternative.

Our brain and nervous system prioritize our survival and safety. It naturally focuses on avoiding what we don’t want. As a result, we often unwittingly make resolutions based on fear;  fear of failure, fear of illness, fear of not having enough, fear of loneliness or disapproval, etc.  However, I have observed that energy flows where attention goes, and we tend to get more of what we focus on. 

“The heart knows the way. Run in that direction”. – Rumi

What about focusing on what we do desire or what we want to create in our lives? That’s where intention is useful in giving us direction – like a compass or a rudder on a boat. 

Learning to set an authentic intention is a powerful way to align mind, body and heart to that creative energy within all of us in a direction of true growth. It is setting your inner compass for how you want to be, or feel or what you want to experience. It is more aligned to your heart’s desire for your happiness or meeting your potential. The being you cultivate through intention naturally leads to the doing. The doing then feels joyful and can seem effortless even if there is a lot work involved. We feel supported or guided because we are!

Join me on January 10th at 7pm Central time for a free interactive workshop to tune into your heart, get clarity on what you want, clear the way and get insight into next steps that are right for you. 

What I will learn?

  • The difference between resolutions and setting intentions
  • The power of intention in your daily life
  • Steps to setting intentions
  • A process/meditation to get in touch with your inner wisdom and guidance
  • Powerful coaching questions to help you clear the way for your intentions to take root

Course Curriculum

Setting intentions, Identifying blocks and moving forward

  • Intention Setting Workshop

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Workshop Includes

  • This is a free live online workshop on January 10th, 2024 at 7pm Central time.
  • People who register will be sent a zoom link.
  • Use the code 100off in the shopping cart.
  • Recordings will be available for purchase.
  • A link to a handout will be available for those who make it to the live event and for those who purchase the recording.


Target Audience

  • People who are ready to learn about their potential as creators in their lives
  • People who want a new direction in their lives
  • Those who seek to align actions and behaviors with what they truly want
  • Those who are experiencing blocks to moving forward
  • People seeking clarity in any aspect of their lives

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