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Healing Services

Your path to wholeness

Reclaim your vitality

Balance Mind, Body, Spirit

Learn, Let Go, Discover, Transform

My Process

My process begins with assessment and a process of discovery. Using a communication technique called Pure Presence and a series of questions, we discover:  What is your intention? What do you feel is missing? What symptoms are most troublesome? We stay present to what is presenting and begin where you are most comfortable and feel ready to jump in.

It is a fluid, co-creative process, honoring what arises in each session. I enjoy educating and empowering with information, tools, exercises, handouts, and meditations. There is much to share!

Mind, Body and Spirit are not separate so working in one area affects the whole. That being said, I have come to believe Spirit is the foundation of our operating system in this life. What do you believe about yourself, your life, your world, your purpose? We are living in love or fear and it is a choice that has major consequences for your well-being and the future of our planet. You can find freedom and peace but the path isn’t to tune out, it is to tune in and discover your inner wellspring of guidance, wisdom and compassion. It is a path in and through the pain and difficulties and aligning to your authentic self. Peace and joy are waiting on the other side.

I work with individuals and groups offering tools from the following menu and may use all of them in one session or just focus on one aspect. 

Workplace wellness services include wellness education, stress reduction and mindfulness programs. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I am offering online video sessions and programs that are educational and experiential. Combining the latest in neuroscience and contemplative practices, participants learn effective tools to manage their stress, find their peaceful center and gain access to enhanced problem solving, creativity and connection.

I am now offering the Safe and Sound Protocol developed by Dr. Stephen Porges based on the Polyvagal Theory. This listening intervention helps to re-tone the vagus nerve leading to improvements for those with stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, trauma, attention difficulties and other mental and physical illnesses. Please read my blog post, Feel Better, Think Better, Connect Better for more information. Contact me directly for more information and pricing.

Services Offered

Wellness Education and Coaching

Optimize and customize your lifestyle choices

Learn to nourish mind, body, and spirit

Receive personalized health information and strategies that supports your physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual needs.

Natural hormone balancing utilizing protocols that use lifestyle changes to fine tune your hormonal system

Co-create a vision for your well-being, and develop a Goal and Action Plan to keep you moving forward

Coaching keeps you on track to meet your goals, providing you support, accountability and trouble shooting obstacles

Stress Reduction and Meditation

Learn to identify patterns and root causes of mental and emotional distress in a safe, caring environment.

Learn and experience practices to relax the nervous system and learn to operate from your neutral center.

Guided meditations that are deeply relaxing and allow you to process difficult emotions and states freeing up that energy for growth or healing.

Energy psychology methods such as Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapas Fleming that help to interrupt old trauma and negative reaction pathways for lasting relief.

Using recent develops in neuroscience and quantum physics, identify and shift subconscious programming and mental habits; rewire the brain for happiness.

Energy and Vibrational Medicine

Learn and experience practices and modalities that will shift your energy patterns.

Release blocks to your optimal state and make way for healing and renewal.

Shift out of ``flight or fight`` mode and into ``rest and repair`` mode, finding your still point or neutral center where all healing occurs through hands on gentle energy techniques and guided meditations.

Tune up your energy field using sound. Tuning forks and bowls are used for their pure tone and frequencies. Your body aligns to these tones, bringing your system into a blissful, peaceful balance.

Discover your energy centers and what they can tell you about your physical and mental/emotional health, your relationships, career and connection to your higher power.

Spiritual Companioning

Experience and allow your Spirit or Essence to be heard and seen.

Experience a deeper connection with your Higher Self, opening up pathways to growth, insight (intuition) and healing.

Examine your belief systems that drive your day- to -day perceptions, thoughts, decisions, and feelings. Rewrite those beliefs to serve your highest good and free yourself from a limited life.

Discover your soul’s lessons and opportunities for growth and meaning. Approach the challenges of your life from a higher perspective to gain objective insight allowing shifts to occur.

Discover your true nature as Spirit having a physical experience. Learn to detach from what hooks you into patterns of suffering.

Explore areas of spirituality, meaning, metaphor, synchronicity and dreams.


Yes, I would highly recommend you to friends, because I believe in the practices you are using are unique and extremely beneficial to help bring about change for a healthier way of living and being, integrating all aspects of the Self.


I learned that I am not broken and I am not defined by diagnoses handed to me. They are a facet of my story, as is every other thing that makes me "me"! I learned to stop pigeonholing myself as a sick person.


It is so healing and empowering working with Ann. We look at all aspects and she brings inspiration and resources. Her presence in active listening and healing on the table is phenomenal.

Diane T.

Ann is truly a gifted healer. Working collaboratively, we've released stuck energy allowing me to feel unbound energy and joy.

Reina S.

Through Ann's assessments and ongoing coaching,  we have problem solved my food intolerances and hormone imbalances. I now am 30 pounds lighter and maintaining, and I have quite a bit of extra quality time to spend with my family since I'm not exercising 2 hours a day! I am enjoying a much less stressful life thanks to Ann.

Laura S.

I worked with Ann over a six-week period, and her recommendations for supplements, diet and exercise were very helpful in terms of relieving PMS symptoms and helping me feel much better overall. It's a relief to have Ann as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of information and advice about current nutrition and health care research that can easily be integrated into my routines. Ann was sensitive to my individual needs and habits and also very supportive and positive. She reinforced the changes I have made and encouraged me to turn to her for further consultations.