The Power to Heal
and Transform
Is Within You

Healing from the Center™

Are you Off Center?

Your Center is your natural balance point, but LIFE , aka, stressors, trauma, relationships, unhealthy habits and distractions, can take us off center. That leads to….

It’s Always Possible to Return to Center



what’s at the core, blocking your health, ease and authentic expression. Discover your Center, your purpose, patterns, potential and gifts.


all the parts of you, your life, your process, your heart, body, and soul.


health, well-being, joy, connection, ease, confidence, and resilience.


your healing, your truth, your spiritual knowing, and your life energy.

What Can I Help You With?


Relief from stress, anxiety and/or depression

Learn how nervous system dysregulation can manifest as chronic anxiety, stress, digestive issues (IBS), migraines, chronic fatigue, burnout and depression. Get to know your nervous system and ways to heal and reshape your responses to keep you healthy.


Post-traumatic growth and recovery

It is possible to heal emotional wounds and injured parts of yourself through gentle, compassionate inquiry and somatic and energetic awareness practices. Kindness and curiosity lead the way to reclaim all parts of yourself. Practice skills that bring relief, renewal and inner calm. Learn to navigate your external world from this calm center as you become empowered to embrace your life.


Holistic healing approach to a medical issue

Approach your issue from all aspects (physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, spiritual and environmental) to try to uncover root cause and learn approaches that can speed up healing and alleviate symptoms. This includes cancer, autoimmune disorders. chronic fatigue, and other ailments that are difficult to treat with conventional medicine. I have personally navigated 3 autoimmune disorders. Remission is possible!


Transformational Coaching: Finding clarity, energy and authenticity

I work with clients who feel stuck, emotionally overwhelmed or out of alignment with their higher Self. Re-boot, re-charge and re-orient yourself towards growth, purpose and the soul’s true expression.


Grounding and integrating spiritual experiences and growth

Balance your energy as you integrate expansion experiences. Work with triggers and symptoms to uncover what blocks fully expressing your spiritual Truth. Accelerate your growth through uniting the polarities that keep us stuck in our old patterns. Explore masculine and feminine energies, dream symbols, and metaphor as we uncover and align with the soul’s full expression.


Weight loss and other wellness and lifestyle goals

Explore your wellness goals from a whole health perspective. Learn how your physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual aspects weave a bigger picture that gives you the insight on how to create the most effective and realistic self-care plan just for you.


Safe and Sound Protocol:

I am certified to deliver the Safe and Sound Protocol developed by Dr. Stephen Porges to address autonomic nervous system dysfunction. This is a 5 hour filtered music listening modality that is combined with education and personalized coaching to develop a plan to reshape your nervous system responses. This is an effective tool for anxiety, stress related symptoms and trauma recovery. More information on the SSP. Pricing packages do not apply to the SSP. Please schedule a consult for information and pricing.

Begin your Journey to Reclaim your Health and Vitality

Schedule a free 20 minute consult to make sure working together is a good fit. I look forward to connecting with you. 

Healing from the Center™

The power to heal and transform is within you. You are so much more than your story, your diagnosis, your patterns, triggers, pain, or your accomplishments and goals.


Within your Center, is a powerful, creative, healing energy that is intelligent, wise, and loving. I bring all my experience and training as a nurse, educator/coach, counselor, intuitive, meditation teacher, and holistic healer, to my role as a transformation guide. I create a safe space and help facilitate your process of discovering that Center. Within this container, you will be delighted and relieved to learn how quickly old wounds, nervous system patterns, and symptoms can shift. Most people experience an increased sense of well-being after one session. This can look like an insight, a profound release or shift of an old pattern, decrease in pain, a feeling of peace, an expansion, more energy, a sense of purpose or motivation to take action. More profound and lasting transformation happens with multiple sessions. I work in person or remotely.

Client Testimonials

Come Back to Center

Embody your soul’s purpose and wisdom. Embody your best intentions for yourself with daily practices and habits based on a personalized lifestyle plan we co-create.

Embody your spiritual growth and wisdom as you learn to reshape your nervous system patterns and release the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks held in the body.

Embody your authentic self as experienced through the senses and a new physical vitality.

Create new patterns in the nervous system, decreasing stress and increasing resilience. Create intentions that lead to new action plans that reflect your desire for feeling better.

Create lasting shifts using sound healing, Healing Touch and other energy medicine and mystical healing techniques to help break up current and ancestral fear, stress and pain patterns.

Create experiences using visualizations and meditations that lead you to your Center or Higher Self. This optimizes self-healing, inner guidance and insight.

Embrace your challenges as growth opportunities. Embrace your emotions as expressions that need to be felt and learned from.

Embrace all parts of yourself including those that may have gone into hiding.

Embrace your body and new ways of self-care. Self-compassion and curiosity are keys to self-acceptance and transformation.

Healing from the Center uses compassionate inquiry, coaching and counseling techniques to discover what is taking you off-center or standing in the way of your goals and intentions.

Discover new ways of thinking, perceiving, and responding to yourself and life.

Discover ways to uncover what lies beneath your awareness that may hold the key to your healing. Discover symbols and metaphors related to your journey.

Unleash your infinite potential

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