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About Me

My Approach

I believe that true health and well-being comes from uncovering or aligning with your natural state. The bodymind is designed for balance and self-healing and has an infinite capacity for self-renewal. We become out of balance as we, over time, lose the connection to our spirit and begin to make choices that are not aligned with our best selves. We become conditioned to believe in stories given to us by our upbringing and society that dictate how we view ourselves, live our lives, and how we treat ourselves and others.

My Mission

My mission is to co-create a transformational experience that helps to align you with your true nature, your Essence. I help clients gain access to their own inner resources and healing capabilities. I do not claim to heal people, nor am I a doctor or a therapist. We co-create a sacred space that welcomes all aspects of being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to be recognized, allowing the potential for healing to happen. I am an educator, counselor, confidant, igniter, revealer, active listener, challenger, mirror, and compassionate witness of your own unique process that unfolds. No two sessions are the same as we work with what presents in the moment using a variety of techniques and modalities. With awe, I witness blocks being transformed into strengths, vitality and well-being.

More detail about my journey is included in my interview with Helene T. Steliene.

Background, Education and Training

My background includes a life long interest in health and wellness, spirituality, human behavior and transformation. I also spent many years as an artist while raising my three children. However, after being diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases, I dropped everything to focus on my health. Conventional medicine could not offer any treatment so I began the deep dive into my own whole health. I discovered what I needed to remove and add to my life for healing and recovery to happen. Most importantly, I did awaken to my true nature or Essence Self.  However, aligning all aspects of myself and life will be a life long process. The autoimmune process is in remission and I have never felt better. I knew I needed to share what I learned and continued my education in order to offer transformational experiences for clients

My undergraduate degree is in Nursing. I hold a Masters Degree in Public Health from UCLA. In addition, I am a Certified Health Educator and Coach from the National Institute of Whole Health. I most recently completed a three year intensive certification program in APCT, Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy with renowned holistic healer and therapist, Kurt Hill. I have experience working with teens through retirement age individuals who are motivated to improve their well-being and step into their true potential.


Yes, I would highly recommend you to friends, because I believe in the practices you are using are unique and extremely beneficial to help bring about change for a healthier way of living and being, integrating all aspects of the Self.


I learned that I am not broken and I am not defined by diagnoses handed to me. They are a facet of my story, as is every other thing that makes me "me"! I learned to stop pigeonholing myself as a sick person.


It is so healing and empowering working with Ann. We look at all aspects and she brings inspiration and resources. Her presence in active listening and healing on the table is phenomenal.

Diane T.

Ann is truly a gifted healer. Working collaboratively, we've released stuck energy allowing me to feel unbound energy and joy.