I am Ann Baker
Nurse, Holistic Healer and Transformational Coach

I've Been There and Know - Healing is Possible !

I was a busy mom with 3 young children, so it was easy to ignore or rationalize symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, mild depression, and anxiety. I thought I was doing everything right to feel good and be healthy. After all, I was a nurse with a lifelong interest in wellness, holistic health, and spirituality. Wasn’t eating right, exercising, and doing yoga enough?? I learned soon enough that NO, that wasn’t enough .

My Story

I was facing a diagnosis with a third autoimmune disease and not getting answers from the medical community so I dropped my career as an artist and went back to my roots as a nurse with a passion for prevention and holistic approaches determined to find answers. What was at the root of my dis – ease and how could I make it stop ?

And so began my health journey. As I learned about my own health and how to heal, I began to share this information with others.

I knew early on that what I was experiencing was tied to my purpose. I felt like I was putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time. 

The first pieces of the puzzle were nutrition, stress reduction, and healing my digestion. During that phase I became a health educator and coach. I learned and began to see how all aspects of ourselves are connected. 

More puzzle pieces fell into place when I met Kurt Hill, a renowned holistic healer in the Chicago area where I live. Working with his unique APCT method (Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy), I began the work of unraveling deeper layers that were at the root of my physical and mental dis-ease and began healing from the center.

I learned how my mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds blocked the natural free flow of life energy that enables the body/mind to heal and maintain health. This healing work helped me come home to myself, relaxing the patterns of my nervous system, allowing the autoimmune process to finally stop. Through this process and ongoing spiritual development, my gifts for healing emerged: compassion, intuition, acceptance, presence and working with energy, dreams and symbols.

An essential aspect of my ability to be effective with clients is continuing my own process of healing and inner work as I practice coming back to center daily.

Video of My Amazing Client Transformations

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My mission is to bring all my experience and training as a nurse, educator, coach, counselor, intuitive, meditation teacher and holistic healer to my role as a transformation guide. You will be held within a safe space which will help facilitate your process of healing and discovering your center. Within this container you will delighted and relieved to learn how quickly old wounds, nervous system patterns and symptoms can shift.

My Credentials

  • Bachelors Degree in Nursing
  • Masters Degree in Public Health from UCLA
  • Certified Health Educator and Coach from the National Institute of Whole Health
  • APCT, Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy (3 year intensive certification program) with renowned holistic healer and therapist, Kurt Hill. Current Teacher Assistant, APCT.  APCT combines theories and practices drawing on psychology (with an emphasis on Jungian), vibration and energy healing modalities, working with trauma and emotions in the body, counseling and spiritual mentoring.
  • Addition certifications and workshops in Safe and Sound Protocol / Polyvagal theory, Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing, Enneagram, Teaching Presence, and Mindfulness and the Brain

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