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I've Been There and Know - Healing is Possible!

I was a busy mom with 3 young children so it was easy to ignore or rationalize symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, mild depression and anxiety. I thought I was doing everything right to feel good and be healthy. After all, I was a nurse with a life long interest in wellness, holistic health and spirituality. Wasn’t eating right, exercising and doing yoga enough?? I learned soon enough that no, that wasn’t enough.

I was facing a diagnosis with a 3rd autoimmune disease and not getting answers from the medical community. I dropped my career as an artist and went back to my roots as a nurse with a passion for prevention and holistic approaches determined to find answers. What was at the root of my dis-ease and how I can stop this process?

My Story

And so began my health journey. As I learned about my own health and how to heal, I began to share this information with others. I knew early on that what I was experiencing was tied to my purpose. I felt like I was putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time.
The first pieces of the puzzle to place were nutrition, stress reduction, and healing my digestion. During that phase I became a health educator and coach. I learned and began to see how all aspects of ourselves are connected. More puzzle pieces fell into place when I met Kurt Hill and began the work of unraveling deeper layers that were at the root of my physical and mental dis-ease. I learned how these mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds blocked the natural free flow of life energy that enables the body mind to heal and maintain health. This healing work helped me come home to myself, relaxing the patterns of my nervous system, allowing the autoimmune process to finally stop. This process of healing and inner work is ongoing as I practice coming back to center daily.

Healing from the Center empowers you to meet your difficulty with courage, compassion, and curiosity. It is about honoring what arises and trusting in the miracle of the body-mind and power of Love to heal and help you turn to your Self.

Come Back to Center! I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute confidential call to explore your situation and see if working together is good fit.

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Education and Training

Hi there! I am Ann Baker. I am a wife, mother to 3 grown children, an artist, nature lover, travel enthusiast, and love to spend time with my family and friends. What motivated me most throughout my healing journey was those relationships. I learned how precious life is and try to appreciate the simple moments of joy, beauty and connection every day.

  • Bachelors Degree in Nursing
  • Masters Degree in Public Health from UCLA
  • Certified Health Educator and Coach from the National Institute of Whole Health
  • APCT, Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy (3 year intensive certification program) with renowned holistic healer and therapist, Kurt Hill. Current Teacher Assistant, APCT.
  • APCT combines theories and practices drawing on psychology (with an emphasis on Jungian), vibration and energy healing modalities, working with trauma and emotions in the body, counseling and spiritual mentoring.
  • I love to combine science and spirituality and am continually taking workshops to expand my tool box which include meditation, Polyvagal theory, Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing.

Ann is a healer--a healer of the heart, the gut, the mind, the body, and ultimately, the spirit. She holistically nourish individuals by listening to their pain and symptoms, supplying them with knowledge about various healing approaches, guiding them through exercises, and performing energy work. Basically, she’s amazing.


Ann has...A gentle presence that instills confidence and trust. A non-judgemental vibe that supports deep reflection. A keen ability to intuit a) what's needed, or b) what's in the way of healing/progress. An empathic ability to communicate in a way listeners truly hear. An amazing gift for balancing wisdom of the heart, studied knowledge, and soul's call. An approach to healing that unifies science, spirituality and felt experience.


Yes, I would highly recommend you to friends, because I believe in the practices you are using are unique and extremely beneficial to help bring about change for a healthier way of living and being, integrating all aspects of the Self.


I learned that I am not broken and I am not defined by diagnoses handed to me. They are a facet of my story, as is every other thing that makes me "me"! I learned to stop pigeonholing myself as a sick person.


It is so healing and empowering working with Ann. We look at all aspects and she brings inspiration and resources. Her presence in active listening and healing on the table is phenomenal.


Ann is truly a gifted healer. She has been trained in many healing modalities that work with the energy of mind, body and soul. Remaining compassionate and curious, she creates a safe and sacred space that allows me to share anything I've been experiencing. Using her intuition, she chooses what would work best in the moment. I often walk away from our sessions permanently forgetting the overwhelming problem I walked in with. A true shift occurs, releasing stuck energy allowing me to feel peace and joy again!