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Healing from the Center

At your Center....

There is a You that is unbroken, empowered and resilient

From this place you can access the energy, wisdom and compassion needed to heal. Trauma, stress, dis-ease, fear, relationship triggers, burnout and unhealthy habits take us off center and disconnect us from our natural wholeness.

I am a Mind, Body, Spirit practitioner with a foundation in Western medicine and extensive training in holistic healing modalities.

My approach, Healing from the Center, helps you uncover and heal the core issues underlying many mental and physical conditions.

It is my passion to create a safe and sacred space to share the extraordinary tools I have learned through my own journey to allow for a transformation to occur.


Connect to your Higher Self: Free the mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Permanently shift your perception of yourself and the world to safety, potential and possibility.


Return to Balance: Your body holds onto your biography. Shift your current story by releasing old nervous system patterns and traumas held in the body. Learn to nourish your body with the foods, movement, and restorative practices that heal.


Reconnect to your Heart: Heal old emotional wounds, allowing yourself to open to love and compassion. This spiritual center connects us to the energy, wisdom and creativity of our True Self. THIS is the energy of healing.

What would your life be like…

if you could just feel better?

if you could let go of what blocks you, physically, mentally and emotionally?

if you had the energy to live your purpose? 

Let’s work together to reconnect and heal those vital aspects, to rediscover the You at your center. 

I work with clients in person and remote.

Inner Harmony = Outer Balance

Most of my clients have tried therapy, conventional health care and a variety of alternative health providers without experiencing lasting change. Due to my unique background as a nurse, extensive training in health and healing, and my own personal journey of healing and spiritual growth, I am able to collaborate with you to make connections between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns that gets to the core. Healing from the Center empowers you to meet your difficulty with courage, compassion and curiosity. It is about honoring what arises and trusting in the miracle of the body-mind and power of Love to heal and help you come home to your True Self, your Center.

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Balance your mind, body and spirit

Tune In to the wisdom of your heart

Discover your True Self

Unfold to your highest potential

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