Ann Baker presents

Level UP your Self Care: Energy Tools for Resilience, Balance and Transformation

A 6 session group coaching program to learn self-care practices that can expand your capacity to meet your challenges and develop your potential.
Access higher levels of joy, energy, and wellbeing through increasing your connection to yourself, others, and your source.

Starting Tuesday, November 1st, 6:30pm CST.  Dates include November 1, 8, 15, 29, December 6, 13. 

“Our bodies are in essence vibrating subatomic particles of light. We are energy in motion. Learning what enhances or depletes and blocks this energy is essential to good health, living your potential and increasing your resilience. Turning up your light not only improves your well-being but will shine out in the darkness and make life brighter for all.”

Who is this program for?

  • Curious, open-minded people who want to learn new ways of thriving in today’s world
  • For those who are sensitive or curious about energy or feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in the world.
  • Those who know there is something more to life than what meets the eye
  • Those who are facing a transition and living in the “gap”
  • People who are ready to let go of fear-based living
  • People ready to heal and get on with life
  • Those who seek a greater connection to their heart and soul
  • Those who are looking for a community for support and connection
  • People who feel like they’ve tried different approaches to finding Center,  but nothing seems to stick
  • Those who are looking for coaching but don’t want to do one-one sessions

Your Invitation

Dear Friend,

What would it be like if you could meet your challenges with grace and ease?

How would it feel to be able to consistently relate to yourself and others with compassion and an open heart without getting overwhelmed?

How would it feel to have more energy, focus and a clearer vision to accomplish your soul’s desire?

I created this new group coaching program, Level UP your Self-care: Energy Tools for Resilience, Balance and Transformation to address those questions. I will share many of the foundational principles I have learned over the years in addition to key practices that I learned or developed in my own healing journey, my training and almost a decade of working one to one and with groups. 

Yes, times are challenging and there is a growing sense that there is no going back to some kind of “normal.” Something has shifted and we live in a different world. However, humanity has faced challenging times in the past and then moved to a higher level of operating. We grow through challenge.

“Leveling up” our self-care is necessary for our own health and well-being and the health and future of our planet.

An Overview of our 6 sessions:

  • Session 1: Grounding: Get to know yourself as an energetic being and learn to balance your energy through grounding so you can feel clear and centered.
  • Session 2: Compassion to heal self and others: Discover the power of the heart to increase your connection to your whole self, others, and your Source increasing harmony in your body-mind & relationships.
  • Session 3: Gather Your Energy & Boost your Life Force:  Explore your energy boosters and busters and create a plan to increase your vitality and resilience.
  • Session 4: Level UP your Perspective : Use the chakra system to see your challenges from a higher perspective leading to insight and clarity to make it easier to resolve difficult situations or make choices. 
  • Session 5: Yin/Yang  principles for  Energy Balance:  Access the energy of balance, flow and ease with the union of inner masculine/feminine forces.
  • Session 6: Healing Power of Love: Learn about and experience the many benefits of the energy of love,  and why it’s the foundation of healing. 

I’m hearing a lot of hopeless talk from people of all ages facing daily news reports of war,  financial instability, and climate change. I hear from those I work with and in my social circles that what used to work to help them find balance and feel good just isn’t working now. The last 3 years have left many exhausted and wondering what’s next. Our nervous systems have been on overdrive.

The Ripple Effect
The truth is we don’t know what’s next. We have this moment and then the next, each ripe with potential. I believe our responsibility now is to become more kind, more authentic, and more creative human beings. Every day we have a choice to contract and protect against life or expand ourselves and express INTO life.

In this program, you will learn some ways to start doing this. This is the work of our times as we are all connected and our state of being or consciousness affects the whole. Like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, your energy ripples out and has far reaching affects.

My late father shared his philosophy with my children when he was in a memory care facility several years ago. In a beautiful moment of lucidity, he told my kids that each of them was necessary – that humanity is like a puzzle and each of us is a necessary part of that puzzle. He said the key is to find what sparks you, what you love, what inspires and gives you joy. It is in that we find our natural purpose that contributes to the whole.

We can’t find our inner spark when we are focused on the fear. We can’t find it when we are in isolation and disconnection from others. We can’t find it when we disconnect from ourselves through busyness and constant distractions. It is not sustainable for our health to be in a constant state of nervous system reactivity. In essence we have come to a place to make a choice; fear and contraction or love and expansion.

How do we choose expansion? It takes courage and the desire for it first and then through daily intention and self-care practice. It is through retraining the mind, body and heart with simple energy tools that will empower you to live your life with more resources to meet your challenges and increase your connection to your whole self, to others and to your Source.

Over 6 sessions, we will explore 6 different powerful energy tools and connect with each other as we create a safe, uplifting, and supportive community of learners and explorers.  

These mind-body-spirit tools are easy, enjoyable, and based in cutting edge science, and contemplative and ancient healing traditions. At their foundation they are about elevating your awareness and perspective and tending to and befriending yourself. From here, you can relax your nervous system and restore your energy levels which will enable you to increase your capacity to give to others, meet your demands and enjoy your life!

Please note that each topic could be an in-depth course. In this program an introductory overview will be given in order to give information and context for the energy tool presented. Each session will be recorded so you can access it on your own time.

I look forward to taking this journey with you,


Ann Baker

Price: $147

What’s Inside the Course:

Module 1:

Energy Tool 1: Grounding

Get to know yourself as an energetic being and learn to balance your energy through grounding so you can feel clear and centered. 

Quantum physics has been around since the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. It is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level uncovering the nature of the very building blocks of nature. Our bodies are part of nature thus there is much to learn about energy as it relates to our health and wellbeing. However, this science has been very slow to catch up and integrate into our traditional health care system which is based on the old materialist point of view.

It is time to learn and incorporate energy based self-healing and self-care techniques into our day to day lives. Learn about this robust field and what it means for our health, our felt experience of ourselves and our vitality.

In module 1 we will explore:

  • Quantum biology
  • Your energy field – learn about the 3 main energy centers ( lower body, heart and head).
  • Learn grounding techniques to balance an overactive mind, and relax the nervous system
  • Guided grounding meditation

Module 2:

Energy Tool 2: Compassionate Connection to Heal Self and Others

Learn the science of inter and intra-connection. Increase your connection to your whole self, others, and your Source.

One of the effects of trauma or stress is that it puts you in a state of fight/flight/freeze. These states disconnect you from others and your higher self. Many researchers have been documenting the effectiveness of compassionate connection and creating coherence to heal from individual and collective trauma and recover from stress. Connection and compassion can rewire the nervous system, decrease pain, improve relationships and more! 

In module 2 we will explore:

  • We are not separate! The amazing neurology of connection.
  • Heart-math Institute research about using the power of the heart’s electromagnetic fields  to shift from chaotic to coherent patterns and their positive effects on health.
  • Guided meditation: Experience creating coherence within your body-mind and in a group
  • Introduction to intention circles

Module 3:

Energy Tool 3: Gather Your Energy & Boost your Life Force

Learn about your energy boosters and busters and create your own energy boosting self-care plan.

We can think of our natural capacity for energy or vitality as an energy bank. If we are given 100 energy bucks per day, how do you spend them? How many withdrawals do you do? What do you do to add to the balance? When we look upon everything in our lives from the perspective of energy, we quickly see what we need to add or let go of. This is how we increase resilience and build sustainable vitality. 

In module 3 we will explore:

  • Your current lifestyle practices and habits for their energy boosting or energy draining effect.
  • Our built-in energy bank. How to increase its capacity and our resilience.
  • Introduction to the energy channels, the Meridians
  • A fun, quick energy self-care practice that clears stress and increases energy. 
  • Daily journal – “just right” energy balance handout. 

Module 4:

Energy Tool 4: Level UP your Perspective

Use the chakra system to see your challenges from a higher perspective. Gain insight and clarity into your challenges and choices. 

Much of our stress response or what makes us suffer is due to our belief systems and limited ways we perceive ourselves and the world; this is our level of consciousness. We can use the ancient system of the chakras as a guidepost for how we relate to our self and the world. Shifting to a higher level of perceiving often gives us the answers we are looking for or automatically allows us to let go of what no longer serves us.

In module 4 we will explore:

  • Chakras and levels of consciousness – from safety and survival to connection with higher Self.
  • Lens of Perception: Where are you coming from now and where do you want to be coming from to create what you want?
  • Vagus Nerve techniques to open up energy channels
  • Chakra meditation and process to create balance and empowerment

Module 5:

Energy Tool 5: Yin/Yang principles for Energy Balance

Access the energy of flow and ease with the union of opposites including inner masculine/feminine forces. This allows for recovery and prevention from burnout, adrenal fatigue, and other diseases of imbalance. 

Originating thousands of years ago in Chinese culture and Taoism, Yin and Yang represent the dynamic balance of opposites and the process of life that is ever unfolding and changing. They are opposite yet interdependent. For example, we can’t have day without night. Both create a whole day. Looking at the opposite energies within us can reveal imbalances and ways of bringing your life into greater harmony, improving your health and well-being on all levels. 

In module 5 we will explore:

  • What is Yin &Yang energy and how it influence us
  • Benefits of balancing these energies and consequences of imbalance = dis-ease & burnout
  • Self-assessment for Yin/Yang balance
  • Guided meditation to balance energy.

Module 6:

Energy Tool 6: Healing Power of Love

With love, all things are possible. Learn about and experience the many benefits of the healing power of love. 

Love redirects our focus, our physiology and our energy away from stress and fear towards something positive, life-giving and expansive. This opens our mind, body, heart and energy field to attune to the creative life force which is in essence an intelligent field of potential.

In module 6 we will explore the Healing Power of Love

  • The science behind the energy of love and compassion
  • Compassion and curiosity as way of working with stress and challenge
  • Spiritual aspects of love and connection
  • Components of self-love
  • Guided meditation

Price: $147

Plus Receive These THREE Bonuses...

Bonus #1

Emotional Alchemy: A Pathway to Heal Your Heart Online Course

Emotions are like keys with the potential to unlock pathways that lead to greater health, well-being, growth and expansion. Learn how emotions can be your guide to better health and personal transformation. This is emotional alchemy. Like the ancient art of turning lead into gold, emotional alchemy transforms emotion into something of value; healing, insight, equanimity.

This one hour course includes a teaching about the emotions, guided Emotional Alchemy process and “wonder” questions which guide you to insights.

Bonus #2

One Hour Integration and Q&A Session

This session will be scheduled within a few weeks of the end of the course after the holidays. This hour will included a guided integration meditation and have time for sharing and Q & A. 

Bonus #3

Level Up Playlists 

Get access to two playlists:

Level It Up and Calm it Down

Your Guide for the Course:

Ann Petrus Baker is a nurse, holistic healer, and transformational coach. She has been working with clients and groups for almost a decade with a whole person framework that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Her interest in the intersection of science and spirituality, particularly, neuroscience, depth psychology, vibrational healing and spiritual transformation, has led her to develop an effective healing framework she calls Healing from the Center. She has worked with dozens of clients blending techniques that work with the nervous system, energy system and the heart center with positive outcomes.

“I participated in one of Ann’s fantastic workshops about the wisdom of emotions and how they relate directly to the heart. The guided meditation was the high point as was connecting with other workshop participants. I plan to be a regular participant in any & all Ann Baker workshops in the future.”

“Ann is such a knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate communicator. She does a great job of making learning both experiential and inclusive. Everything she shares is research-based and supportive of improving our wellbeing in the world. I'll definitely take another course with her!”

“Ann offers such a lovely variety of approaches to stress reduction and meditation that I have continued to use since taking part in her classes. They are insightful, practical and they work!”

“I had the amazing opportunity to take Ann’s Emotional Alchemy class last month and what a wonderful experience. Ann’s warm, nurturing energy poured through the computer and held space for breakthroughs, integration, and discovery! I found her insightful, empowering, and masterful. I’d take anything this lady has to offer!”

“Ann’s Emotional Alchemy workshop allowed me to dive deep into some of the issues I was facing with emotions. Her knowledge base is versatile and deep, and she always disseminates information in a digestible way, constantly reminding you that there is a kinder way to improve your life skills, rather than judging yourself harshly. She sets up a safe place for all and her meditations are amazing.”

"Ann has...A gentle presence that instills confidence and trust. A non-judgemental vibe that supports deep reflection. A keen ability to intuit a) what's needed, or b) what's in the way of healing/progress. An empathic ability to communicate in a way listeners truly hear. An amazing gift for balancing wisdom of the heart, studied knowledge, and soul's call. An approach to healing that unifies science, spirituality and felt experience."

My admiration and appreciation for Ann grows the longer I know her. She is a forever student who is truly committed to digging in and doing the work, and we have the luck of going along that journey and learning from what she uncovers and shares. She has the background and life experience to not only educate, but also is able to be a loving-authority in the subject matter for whatever she is talking about. I myself find she has a unique way of distilling information that allows it to take root to activate the change required. Her tools and techniques are something I continually go back to for helping authentically connect to myself. Ann is truly a hidden gem for all the many ways she can help and show up. I cannot give her enough praise. And I'm most excited for the world to discover what we already know about her.

I was feeling like I couldn’t find solid ground after all the change over the past two years. I needed some help processing what I’d been through and where I wanted to go now. Learning more about the mind/body/emotion connections - using guided meditation and conversation - really helped! It gave me some new tools - and a fresh view.

Here’s What You Will Receive Inside the Course

    1. Six 60 minute live course sessions via Zoom that will include a teaching, a guided practice and time for group coaching interactions.
    2. Optional additional 30 minute group coaching and interaction time. 
    3. Complete session audio, video recordings to review or watch at your convenience.
    4. Private membership portal
    5. Integrative journaling and practice exercises
    6. Meditations
    7. Optional participation in Intention Circles

Price: $147

Special Pricing for those under the age of 30: $119

email to request the discount code

Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Feeling supported by group coach and group members
  • Being inspired by other’s success or positive outcomes
  • Realizing your issues and challenges are common to others
  • Opening to unlimited possibilities
  • Finding the energy of the group positively impacting your individual energy

What are Intention Circles?

Intention circles are small groups of people that come together once/week to share support and healing intention for circle members. Human beings have been coming together to support each other in this way in a variety of spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Recently, Lynn McTaggert has documented research on the incredible results of the power of intention in more than 35 scientific experiments. I have participated in many circles and witnessed many amazing outcomes. In this program, we will form circles (optional) and each member will get a turn to request a specific focus of the group’s collective intention for the week.

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