30 Day Spring Refresh: A Focus on Self-Care

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About Course

Starts May 1st!

This 30 day Spring Refresh is an opportunity for you to try easy, doable self-care practices that have the power to improve how you feel in your body and mind and connect you to your heart and Soul. You will learn new habits that build resilience, enhance your energy and immune systems and deepen your connection with yourself. The 30 days is divided into 4 themes;  Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. This holistic framework allows a more comprehensive approach to get to the core of truly caring for yourself. One theme or focus per week gives you an opportunity to learn various practices and start feeling a difference within a week. Self-care is crucial right now for many reasons:

  • Many people are looking for ways to feel better as we recover from the pandemic and other stressors.
  • Self-care helps to build resilience as we face new challenges daily – personal and collective.
  • Many people are re-evaluating their relationship to work and want more balance in their lives.
  • Many people have turned to unhealthy forms of coping – alcohol, mind/mood altering substances, food, digital distractions, gambling, etc.  Although providing short-term relief, they don’t work in the long run and cause more suffering.
  • We all want to feel better on all levels!


The self-care practices you will learn in this program are effective and simple to incorporate into your life.

What you will receive in the basic program ($49):

  • A 30 day calendar with a new daily simple self-care practice.
  • A daily email with an educational or inspirational message related to the day’s self-care practice
  • A weekly recorded meditation and stress reduction practice
  • Additional handouts on specific topics related to self-care and wellness
  • A journal for you to use during the month to track habits, reflections, feelings, thought patterns, insights


Additional Group Coaching, Q & A and connection sessions ($39) will include:

  • An additional weekly live guided practice to help reset the nervous system and balance body, mind and heart (will be recorded)
  • Time for Q & A and group coaching around establishing habits, obstacles to self-care and other issues that come up
  • Opportunity for connection to learn from each other and celebrate our progress and success
  • Day and time will be decided based on group preference


Paying for the group sessions will be available as an add-on in the shopping cart.

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What Will You Learn?

  • A variety of self-care techniques
  • How to build new habits of daily self-care
  • Evidence based wellness strategies
  • How to quiet the mind
  • Self-compassion
  • How to get better sleep
  • How to navigate difficult emotions
  • Ways to connect with your spirit/soul

Course Content

Week 1: Focus on Physical Health
This week's practices focuses on small but important habits that enhance the health of the body.

  • Daily Calendar
  • Spring Refresh Journal
  • True Rest Meditation

Week 2: Focus on the Mind
This week's theme of the mind will help to balance the dominance of our thinking mind with simple practices that bring us into the present moment and increase our connection with our bodies and nature. We can't stop our thoughts but we can use our attention, awareness and time to do practices that naturally balance the busy nature of the mind with the body and heart center.

Week 3: A Focus on Emotions
Emotions a central to our health and well-being. This week's focus will be on learning, feeling and celebrating our emotions.

Week 4: A Focus on Spirit
This week's theme on Spirit gives us opportunities to connect with our spiritual nature through connecting with the heart, nature, others and our Higher Self.

Create a self-care plan based on the practices learned over the last 4 weeks.

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