Come Back to Your Center Introduction

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Within each of us is a calm, peaceful, yet powerful center that is the core of our being. It is our Essence, our Center. We get taken off our center in childhood and then throughout life. This center is like a seed and can get buried in the busyness of our lives. We can forget about this center, this core of who we really are, and take on habits, beliefs, and perceptions that aren’t aligned with our Essence or True Self. We may get glimpses of it when we are on vacation or just enjoying a moment of connection with nature or loved ones.

It is possible to water and nurture this seed and begin to live more and more from this Center. From this Center, we can navigate life and all of its challenges and learn to thrive regardless of what is happening. We can heal the body, rewire old mental and emotional patterns, heal from trauma and hurts and create the life we desire that is aligned with our Essence.

This free course is an introduction and offers simple ways to come back to our neutral center so that with practice the seed of our Essence will flower.


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What Will You Learn?

  • What takes us off center
  • 4 keys to coming back to center
  • 4 effective easy ways to center yourself in any moment
  • A 7 minute centering meditation to ground the body, quiet the mind and open the heart
  • A self-care journal with prompts that spark insights, track habits, make connections

Course Content

How To Come Back to Center
In this short tutorial, you will learn about being centered, how we lose our center and the key ways to come back to Center.

  • How To Come Back to Center Video Lesson
  • Centering Meditation
  • Come Back to Center Journal

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