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Enneagram Consultations and Workshops: Discover your unique pathway for growth, healing and transformation.

The Enneagram is a powerful and effective map and tool for personal growth that describes 9 patterns of personality. In Greek, ennea means 9 and gramma means point. Each type or point represents a unique way of perceiving and experiencing the world. In other words, there are 9 lenses through which we perceive, evaluate and participate in life. The symbol contained within the circle represents movement within the circle. We each have access to the qualities of all the types. We tend to  move in predictable ways to other types during times of stress or relaxation. We can learn to balance our personality through intentional movement or borrowing healthy traits from other types. 

Through learning about your unique type you can become aware of the patterns that enhance your life and patterns that make your life more challenging and create limitations. Learning about the enneagram leads to greater understanding of yourself and others. 

Access more joy, compassion, purpose and wellbeing through self discovery and acceptance and learning ways to balance and embrace your authentic self.  

Short video: Hear how the Enneagram has helped me.

“The Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox for psychological and spiritual growth. Personally it led to an awareness of not only the patterns that were creating suffering but also revealed how and why they formed. I thought I was alone in my challenges but was relieved to know I'm not! I have appreciated learning new ways of thinking, perceiving and acting that free up my life in all dimensions”.

Who would benefit from an Enneagram
consult or workshop?

  • People who want to understand themselves and others better.
  • Curious, open-minded people who want to learn about and access more of their true or authentic  self.
  • Those who are interested in gaining self-awareness of their personality patterns that are causing suffering or limitation.
  • Those who know they aren’t living to their potential and not sure how to break out of old roles and patterns.
  • People ready to heal childhood wounds or patterns
  • Those who seek a greater connection to their heart and soul; jump-starting or deepening your spiritual journey
  • Couples who want to improve their relationship through learning more about each other’s communication and stress patterns. 
  • Groups who are looking for a positive way to build healthy, collaborative relationships including families, work place teams or other groups. 
  • People who desire more balance in their life.

Your Invitation

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do, think what you think and feel what you feel? 

How would it feel to be able to live your life in flow without defaulting to outgrown and dysfunctional auto-pilot patterns of thinking, believing and relating? 

How would it feel to embody the qualities of your Essence that give you more energy, freedom, strength, creativity, love, understanding, peace and joy? 

The Enneagram reveals with amazing precision, who we believe ourselves to be and shows us who we might become as we align to more of our Essence.  

I named my business Essence Health ten years ago to capture my desire and interest in getting to the essence of a personal or health challenge. I have learned over the years that to truly discover holistic well-being and our purpose, it is in the remembering and recovering of our actual Essence; our true nature, that self we were created to be.

The Enneagram has become a helpful component in my healing/coaching practice as it is a short cut to self-awareness and discovery. I combine the Enneagram with effective coaching, healing and self-care practices that I have learned and developed in my own healing journey, various trainings and almost a decade of working one to one and with groups. 

This process leads to healing old wounds, shifting unhealthy patterns and freeing up energy. You may then discover that you feel better, your relationships have improved, and you are enjoying life more. With time, the essence qualities of your soul emerge naturally. You effortlessly extend more love and kindness and experience more joy and peace. 

An Overview of a One-One or Couple Consultation:

  • Typing and Test Results: If you take a test, we will discuss your results and go over any questions you have. It is important to take your time with discovering your type. Ensuring you resonate with your results is foundational. We can explore ways to discover type without testing as well. 
  • Overview of the Enneagram: Discover what the enneagram can reveal including how your pattern formed, what your type values and avoids, strengths, blind spots and gifts. 
  • Self-care and Balancing Suggestions: I have developed type-specific suggestions for ways to balance the tendencies of each type and allow more access to the positive, life-enhancing qualities of your type to emerge.

An Overview of an Enneagram Workshop for your Team or Group

  • How the Enneagram can benefit the team : Fostering self-awareness and learning about team members helps build cohesiveness which has many benefits. 
  • Introduction to the Enneagram:  Learn the basics of the Enneagram system. 
  • Overview of Types: Learn about each type including values, communication style, what each type excels at, how they contribute to the team and typical responses to stress. 
  • Map of the Team: Learn more about the dynamics of your team or group with seeing a map or chart of the team and the quality that each type brings to the team. See what’s missing as well! 

The Ripple Effect
We live in challenging times. The truth is we don’t know what’s next. We have this moment and then the next, each ripe with potential. I believe our responsibility now is to become more kind, authentic, and creative human beings. Every day we have a choice to contract and protect against life or expand ourselves and express INTO life.

With the Enneagram, you can learn some ways to start doing this. This is the work of our times as we are all connected and our state of being or consciousness affects the whole. Like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, your energy and consciousness ripples out and has far reaching affects. More of humanity living from our healthy, essential qualities will create a more peaceful, loving and supportive world for all. 

I look forward to taking this journey through the Enneagram with you! Contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 


Ann Baker

Overview of the Enneagram and the 9 Types

Your Essence - Your True Self

I am certified in the Enneagram Spectrum developed by Dr. Jerry Wagner. He relates the Enneagram to a color wheel. If you shine light into a prism, it spreads out into a spectrum of colors. I like to think of the light as the energy of Creation. Each of us are sparks of that light and contain all the hues of the spectrum or color wheel but display or favor one color or a blend of 2 or 3. Our natural hue could be thought of as our Essence or natural temperament. These hues are described by the Enneagram types. From a psychological perspective, each color/type represents a fundamental archetype or characteristic of human nature. From a spiritual perspective, each color or type presents essential divine qualities that manifest in humanity. These universal qualities are our essence and include goodness, love, effectiveness, creativity, wisdom, courage, joy, strength and peace.  

Your Personality - How We Hide and Protect

We may have been born from this One Light that creates infinite diversity but our human journey entails forgetting this union which results in feeling separate, alone and vulnerable. Our natural essence qualities that we value and express as children are frequently not supported by our birth family or culture. We experience rejection, hurts and traumas. We learn to exaggerate or distort our essence as we develop strategies in an attempt to defend and maintain our safety. We learn to appease, gain attention and approval in ways that we think will keep us safe, secure and successful. We learn to  hide and protect our true self or Essence in the layers of the personality. The egoic personality or false self is born and can includes the following distorted patterns: perfectionism, pride, envy, inauthenticity, withholding, fear, gluttony, lust and sloth. 

Our personality then tends to rely on these outdated patterns of thinking, perceiving, feeling and acting and become our day to day operating system.  They become well-grooved and automatic. Many of us are not aware that these patterns have become maladaptive or dysfunctional and are causing the very suffering that we try to avoid. 

The Journey Home

Usually at mid-life or earlier, we experience a challenge or crisis. We experience the consequences of our distorted patterns that can include physical or mental illness, broken relationships, or feeling disillusioned with the world. Perhaps the soul feels a pull, like something is missing. There can be a vague sense of wanting to go home or a desire to express authentically. We begin to inquire – Who am I? Why am I here? We are often forced by various experiences and challenges inward to find answers and a spiritual and psychological journey begins. Richard Rohr described this second phase of life as Falling Upward; Carl Jung called it the path of individuation to realize the Self. 

The Enneagram is a wonderful tool to help us on this path to recover our True Self. In describing both our essence qualities and our personality patterns, including what we value, pay attention to, defend against and seek, we can become more aware of how we have distorted that original blueprint or light that is our unique expression. 

The good news is that we can become aware of our dysfunctional patterns and learn ways to relax and balance.  The latest science tells us we can rewire the reaction patterns from our childhood. The power of love and awareness can help us heal what we have outgrown that keeps us from expressing our truest self and living to our potential.

Overview of Enneagram Types

Type 1: The Reformer, Teacher, Organizer

  • Type 1s are rational, idealistic, principled and hard-workers.
  • They excel at problem solving, are thoughtful and detailed while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • They see the value and potential in others and situations and are motivated to make the world a better place.
  • Under stress can become their own worst critic and tend towards perfectionism and burnout. 

Type 2: The Helper, Altruist, Caregiver

  • Empathetic, friendly, and naturally generous with their time and resources.
  • Positive, approachable, warm, people-oriented individuals.
  • Unhealthy 2s can give to the point of exhaustion, excluding their own needs and feelings.
  • Type 2s can be motivated to give in order to feel needed. 

Type 3: The Achiever, Motivator and Role Model

  • Naturally efficient, effective and easily meets their goals.
  • At their best, 3s are natural team leaders, providing motivation and inspiration to others.
  • Unhealthy 3s can prioritize achievement over self-care and relationships.
  • 3s are very adaptable and charming but can be overly concerned about their image and external measures of success. 

Type 4: The Individualist, Creative, Artist

  • 4s are creative, sensitive and self-aware.
  • 4s value authenticity, avoid the ordinary and seek deeper meaning in relationships and work.
  • 4s are prone to comparison and often feel they are lacking something.
  • Under stress, 4s can lack confidence and look to others for assurance.

Type 5: The Investigator, Sage, Expert

  • Type 5s are naturally observant, perceptive, insightful and seek to understand.
  • They value time and space in order to research and discover new ideas. 
  • Under stress, 5s can get distracted, disorganized and feel insecure.
  • They are prone to isolation and detachment.

Type 6: The Loyalist, Guardian, Troubleshooter

  • 6s are reliable, trust-worthy and committed.
  • They are security oriented so are natural troubleshooters with a plan for various potential outcomes.
  • At their best, 6s are self-reliant and courageous, supporting the group.
  • Under stress, they can work too hard, worry too much and discredit their past wins.

Type 7:  The Enthusiast, Energizer, Visionary

  • 7s are fun-loving, sponteneous, positive and innovative.
  • They bring energy and joy to whatever environment they find themselves in.
  • They fear limitation and avoid pain. 
  • Under stress 7s can be scattered and have a hard time with boring tasks. 

Type 8: The Challenger, Protector, Entrepreneur

  • 8s are confident, assertive, protective and straight-talkers.
  • They have a strong presence and take bold action. 
  • 8s are comfortable with conflict and debates but can be confrontational and intimidating at times.
  • Under stress can lose touch with their own needs and get exhausted and isolated. 

Type 9: The Peacemaker, Mediator, Optimist

  • 9s are easy going, accepting, open minded, and supportive.
  • They go along to get along, valuing harmony and peace.
  • They excel at mediation, being able to see multiple points of view.
  • Under stress 9s can get indecisive, insecure and get stuck in inaction. 

Interested in learning more?

Your Guide for the Enneagram

Ann Petrus Baker is a nurse, holistic healer, and transformational coach. She is a certified advanced Enneagram Instructor through Dr. Jerry Wagner’s Enneagram Spectrum approach.  She has been working with clients and groups for almost a decade. Her coaching, healing and workshops use a whole person framework that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. Her interest in the intersection of science and spirituality, particularly, neuroscience, depth psychology, vibrational healing and spiritual transformation, has led her to develop an effective healing framework she calls Healing from the Center. She has worked with hundreds of clients blending techniques that work with the nervous system, energy system and the heart center with positive outcomes.

““I've dabbled with the Enneagram system for awhile. I read books, took the tests, and though I appreciated the method and information, I found myself frustrated in trying to apply it all to myself. Ann really helped me to make sense of it all in a way that truly helped me and my life. She has an amazing mix of knowledge of the material and amazing intuition that allows her to tailor this to the client. You won't be sorry you scheduled a session with Ann!!!

“Ann is such a knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate communicator. She does a great job of making learning both experiential and inclusive. Everything she shares is research-based and supportive of improving our wellbeing in the world. I'll definitely take another course with her!”

“Ann offers such a lovely variety of approaches to stress reduction and meditation that I have continued to use since taking part in her classes. They are insightful, practical and they work!”

“Ann is fantastic to work with! She reviewed my Enneagram results with me. She's very knowledgeable on the subject and really helped me see all sides of myself in a different and better light! I'm very grateful for her time with me and I highly recommend her as a balanced, open, judgement-free, helpful guide through the Enneagram results!”

“Ann’s Emotional Alchemy workshop allowed me to dive deep into some of the issues I was facing with emotions. Her knowledge base is versatile and deep, and she always disseminates information in a digestible way, constantly reminding you that there is a kinder way to improve your life skills, rather than judging yourself harshly. She sets up a safe place for all and her meditations are amazing.”

"Ann has...A gentle presence that instills confidence and trust. A non-judgemental vibe that supports deep reflection. A keen ability to intuit a) what's needed, or b) what's in the way of healing/progress. An empathic ability to communicate in a way listeners truly hear. An amazing gift for balancing wisdom of the heart, studied knowledge, and soul's call. An approach to healing that unifies science, spirituality and felt experience."

My admiration and appreciation for Ann grows the longer I know her. She is a forever student who is truly committed to digging in and doing the work, and we have the luck of going along that journey and learning from what she uncovers and shares. She has the background and life experience to not only educate, but also is able to be a loving-authority in the subject matter for whatever she is talking about. I myself find she has a unique way of distilling information that allows it to take root to activate the change required. Her tools and techniques are something I continually go back to for helping authentically connect to myself. Ann is truly a hidden gem for all the many ways she can help and show up. I cannot give her enough praise. And I'm most excited for the world to discover what we already know about her.

I was feeling like I couldn’t find solid ground after all the change over the past two years. I needed some help processing what I’d been through and where I wanted to go now. Learning more about the mind/body/emotion connections - using guided meditation and conversation - really helped! It gave me some new tools - and a fresh view.

Enneagram Resources

Testing and Book Recommendations

  1. The test I am trained to work with is the Wagner Enneagram Personality Styles Scales. The WEPSS is a standardized, reliable, and valid Enneagram inventory, the only one published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros‘s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field. 
  2. Enneagram Institute: RHETI

By Jerry Wagner: The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles and the Nine Lenses on the World

By Russ Hudson and Don Richard Riso: The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Understanding the Enneagram

By Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes:The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up

By Richard Rohr:  The Enneagram, A Christian Perspective

By David Daniels and Virginia Price: The Essential Enneagram

By Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile: The Road Back to You; An Enneagram Journey of Self-Discovery 


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