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The word has a lot of different meanings depending on who’s talking. It could mean detoxing from a substance addiction, or a colonic cleanse or 3 day juice fast. In nursing school, we learned that the body does its own detoxification daily and without that process we would die.

While many health professionals are skeptical about the need for a detox, most would agree that eating a whole foods diet with plenty of fiber enhances the natural detoxification pathways of the body.Emerging research shows that nutrients play an integral role in the detoxification process and that nutrient dense diets that also address food intolerances assist the body’s natural detoxification system, help to balance hormones and decrease inflammation.

Why do we need to detox?

  • We are exposed to thousands of chemicals in the food, air, water and personal care products we use. There are 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals released into the environment every year.
  • Our body’s detox systems are not functioning due to digestive issues and over-taxed detox organs due to an accumulating body burden.
  • Much of the food we eat is low in nutrients and minerals, high in refined sugars and starches and void of adequate fiber. These foods can cause inflammation and are not adequate to enhance our body’s detox pathways.
  • To reset our hormones. Coffee, sugar, alcohol and factory raised meats, pountry and dairy can wreak havoc on our hormones that set how we sleep, store fat, and respond to stress.
  • To feel better! Most detox participants enjoy weight loss, improved energy, mood, less joint pain and allergy symptoms.
  • To slow down and become mindful of what we are putting in our bodies, our thoughts and emotions.

Detox tips from the experts:

  • Eat more garlic, onion and cruciferous vegetables
  • Eat the rainbow in fruits and vegetables
  • Eat more fiber
  • Identify your food intolerances
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Eat enough high quality protein

Essence Health is offering a 21 day online Spring Detox based on the latest research from the Institute of Functional Medicine beginning May 11. Choose from 4 different tracts; Standard, Weight Loss, Digestive Health or Autoimmune. Early Bird pricing until May 3rd. Please visit the detox page on my website at http://www.essencehealth.net/#!detox-/cc52

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