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My blog has been quiet for the month as I have been focused on seeing clients, creating my Spring Workshop and taking a marketing course with Simply Be agency based here in Chicago.  I have a nice flow of clients but have a desire to reach more people with the information and tools I have learned that are so effective in improving health and well-being. Expanding my reach requires marketing and putting myself out there. This is at direct odds with that shy part of me that truly hates self-promotion, selling, adding to people’s in-boxes and to the noise of an already cluttered internet space. I would so much rather just quietly go about my work with people magically finding me. And that is Magical thinking!


In sharing with the marketing group, I learned the value of what I do, what I have to share and the potential to be of service. I learned the importance of sharing my own personal healing story; what they call, “owning your shit.” And the importance of sharing my success stories, my unique insights and how I integrate the areas of physical, mental/emotional well-being with the spiritual; this is what they call “leveraging your gifts.” I learned to embrace my science geek side who delights when current science validates what ancient wisdom leaders have known for thousands of years.

How do we find health and well-being when we are at odds with ourselves and the world?

One of the exercises was to come up with a headline or tagline that summarizes what I do. This involved making many lists, asking others for input, soul searching, frustratingly drawing blanks and then it hit “ Healing From the Center. I felt that instant surge of energy “ like the clouds parting and the sun shining through with angelic voices.  Yes, this is it!  I pitched it to several people. The response I got was consistent. Most people took a deep breath and relaxed when they heard it, a smile on their face, “that sounds good, yes, I know what you mean, that speaks to my heart.”  People intuitively understood without having to explain too much what I meant.


Healing From the Center is an approach that acknowledges and leads with our heart. How do we find health and well-being when we are at odds with ourselves and life? Healing from the Center acknowledges how life can knock us off-center but with a bit of direction and remembering we can find our way home. That home is our natural state of peace and happiness, from which we can create health and well-being.

However, when we are off-center, we end up leading with our over-active minds or unconsciously with our defensive nervous system. Our childhood and other difficult and traumatic events in our lives teach our nervous system to respond to the world in a way that prioritizes our safety and survival. Yay- we have a brilliant system that keeps us alive! The problem comes when that system gets stuck in overdrive and we end up reacting to dangers that aren’t there and we miss all the cues of safety, beauty and joy that are here. That nervous system stuck in overdrive can lead to many physical and mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, sleep issues, headaches, heart disease, and on and on.

Healing From the Center is an approach that includes both top-down and bottom-up approaches that help to heal and integrate the body, mind and heart.  There are many modalities that focus on one of these approaches, like talk therapy, meditation, mind-body practices, acupuncture, dietary changes, supplements, medication, etc. These are all wonderful and many are necessary but as stand alone modalities are not sufficient. If the core wound is separation from our heart, our place of connection with our Source, ourselves and others, then why not start there?

More to come as I unpack this and organize my thoughts! As always, I am available for free consults. Coming out of the pandemic is a wonderful time to evaluate your whole health and begin healing from the Center. Please message me to set up a time to chat.

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