Your Stress Personality is The Horse

Thank you for taking the Stress Personality Quiz. I am so glad you have taken the first step towards operating from your Center; allowing health, peace and transformation to come into your life. This quiz is based on the 4 responses of our nervous system. The other types include the Dog (fawn), Lion, (fight), Turtle (freeze).

This quiz is unique in that it highlights how you respond to various stressful situations. Some responses are healthy but others are not and can work against your best interest. Understanding your stress patterns is the first step in learning how to create new responses so you can
stay calm, protect your energy and thrive in social and work environments. We all have this capability and I believe, being calm, empowered and resilient is our natural state. I refer to this state as our Center. 

When we are Centered, we are at peace, in flow and have access to the best aspects of ourselves.  We get taken off-center for many reasons. Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) responds to a threat in an instant with the goal to keep us safe and alive.  It remembers everything so responds to the level of danger or challenge based on the past. These responses may be appropriate at times, but sometimes the body reacts to a threat that isn’t there. Or you miss cues of safety because your system gets stuck in protect/defend mode. When our system gets stuck, these normal nervous system responses can become habits or personality patterns. 


The Horse is also known as the Flight response. This pattern formed when you were a child. No-one gets out of childhood and adolescence without experiencing some kind of trauma or stressful event. This reactive part of you likely didn’t get the safety, love and reassurance he/she needed at times. 

The great news is that love and safety are within you. You access it from your Center. And with practice, this habitual stress pattern can shift so you operate more and more from your Center. The Healthy flight response kicks in when you literally run from a dangerous situation like a fire or an attack. A healthy flight response also shows up when you leave situations and/or relationships that are not aligned with your highest good.

The HORSE:  At your best you

  • are accomplished
  • experience many adventures
  • have many friends
  • are naturally inspirational to people to take action and live to their potential
  • are self-confident
  • quick learner, have great insight
  • are resilient and don’t give up
  • like to solve problems

The Unhealthy Horse

You learned to avoid pain or conflict. This can show up as persistent patterns of avoidance or over-doing or escape through adventure or substances. Externally, you avoid conflict which can leave many issues at work and in relationships unresolved. You prefer to do things yourself so you have a hard time asking for help. You can put your energy into perfecting yourself or your work. You are a type A or conversely easily distracted, going in many different directions. You have a hard time sitting still and like to be busy. You relax by doing and can be addicted to adrenalin type activities and can be prone to addictions.

This flight response can show up internally by avoiding your feelings, issues, and ignoring symptoms until they are a problem. You have an underlying sense of anxiety that is uncomfortable, thus, you try to escape from it through distraction or substances or experiences.

Core False Belief:

Control, avoidance or perfection will keep me safe.

Biggest Fear:

Imposter syndrome – I really am flawed and useless.

3 Ways to Come Back to Center for
The Horse

The keyword for balance is PRESENCE

The first step to shifting your stress pattern so you can respond appropriately to your life is awareness. The second step is compassion. These two core practices are known as tending and befriending. Acknowledging and witnessing your patterns with compassion allows you to move from auto-pilot reactions to responding from your Center. 


Calm the mind by sitting quietly and focus on one sense at a time. Start with putting awareness on all the sounds such as birds chirping or the AC humming. Progress to sight, touch and taste.


Shake your body for 3-5 minutes to get rid of stress energy. Balance your tendency to run with mind-body practices such as yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Try Tree pose - stand on one leg extending your arms in the air.


Practice gratitude. Keep a daily journal and list 3 things you are grateful for in your life. Next, list 3 things you are grateful for about yourself. Breathe in and out of your heart and own your gifts.


For Your Spirit

When the roots are deep There is no reason to fear the wind.

- African Proverb

Are you ready to transform your stress patterns and reclaim your health, energy and purpose?

Let’s work together to free you of your old patterns, heal the trauma and emotional wounds and recover the natural happy and healthy you at the Center.

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