Manifesting Your Intentions: Tools to Navigate Obstacles and Stay on Course

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About Course

How do we manifest our intentions and stick with goals? Research shows that regardless of how sincere the intention, many people abandon their goals or intentions after a few weeks. Inevitable obstacles crop up. “Life” gets in the way. And let’s be honest, we get in our own way. Join me for this 2 part live online workshop/group coaching series where we will explore the common obstacles and learn effective, practical ways of working with them.


Part 1:

  • Learn common obstacles to staying on course
  • Identify what obstacles are blocking your path
  • Learn and experience tools to meet and work with external obstacles, i.e. “life” getting in the way.
  • Learn how to build inner resources to use when life gets challenging
  • Learn practical tips for creating habits that stick based on the effective SMART goals method


Part 2:

  • Learn about common internal obstacles, i.e. “getting in our own way”.
  • Learn ways to center so we can operate from a place of empowerment, connection, creativity and calm.
  • Learn ways to un-blend from and get to know the internal voices and personality parts that can hinder our progress and begin a path to wholeness. These parts or voices include the inner critic, inner saboteur, perfectionist, procrastinator, etc.
  • Learn how to move through difficult emotions that can keep us stuck. Meet your emotions with compassion and curiosity.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Resilience tools for shifting mindset and staying on course
  • Practical ways to create new lasting "SMART" habits
  • How to effectively re-center during the day
  • How to meet your emotions and inner self-talk with curiosity and compassion
  • Learn effective ways to start to work with the parts of us that show up when we want to change something - the inner critic, the saboteur, the procrastinator, perfectionist, etc.

Course Content

Part 1: External Obstacles and Building Resilience and Habits that Stick
Learn what are the common obstacles, how to deal with stress, build resilience and inner resources and create habits based on a system that works for behavior change. Please download the handouts under "Exercise Files" in this section. Handouts include journal prompts to use when listening to the videos and a handout on habits for more information.

  • Manifesting Intentions Part 1

Part 2: Working with Inner Obstacles with Compassion and Curiosity
In part 2 we will turn inward to get to know the voices and parts of ourselves that frequently sabotage our efforts and make us feel badly about ourselves. You will learn about your "monkey mind", various parts of our personality and how to process emotions in a healthy way. This section includes 2 guided processes. The first is a centering practice in the "true self." The 2nd is a self-compassion process that follows the section on working with emotions.

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