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Cultivate the seeds for blossoming into your natural authentic Self. In 2020, I created a process, Relax Into Presence, which is based on 3 foundational pillars;  befriending and relaxing the nervous system, becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that fuel the stress response and meeting all experience with acceptance and compassion. Through these practices, you have access to your “higher” Self; your relaxed, loving, creative, wise Self. In the Garden Series, we will build on that foundation and use the seasons for inspiration as we mirror nature’s lessons to allow for a natural unfolding to occur.  Learn, experience, grow, share, harvest and create in a community of like-minded and like-hearted folks who are hearing the call to rise above the fear and noise of our current climate to meet the Self that can truly be of service to our families, communities and the Earth.

Nurture, sustain and fortify your Whole Self – Mind, Body and Spirit. We will work with the mind, body and heart in each seasonal session as they are intertwined with your spirit. Each are access points to higher potential and wisdom but also are containers and reflections of limiting habits and beliefs, old emotional wounding and defense patterns. This is more about un-becoming everything that isn’t you so you can just Be who you are. Below are themes that we will explore based on aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of the seasons. Each ninety minute session will include a teaching, a guided meditation and process and time for one-one or group sharing.  I will draw on my decades of study of holistic health, contemporary and ancient wisdom teachings and authors, Jungian psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, energy medicine, and personal experience. However, I intend for this to be an “organic garden” so will allow for experiences to emerge, flow and be co-created by all.

Winter Session

Winter is time for a garden to rest. I’m always struck by nature’s stark, simple beauty.  Long dark hours hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.  It is a time of truly letting go of the past season to prepare for Spring. This is the peak of Yin or feminine energy so will use those themes as they relate to the body, mind and heart.

The over-all theme will be: preparing the ground

  • Learn to befriend and rest the nervous system.
  • Learn to be receptive to your feelings and also to the power of compassion and support.
  • Use creativity, guided imagery and dream work to access hidden aspects of yourself that need to be seen.
  • Learn to “see in the dark” and cultivate intuition and connection with higher consciousness.
  • Explore themes of forgiveness and letting go.

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Spring Session

Beginning April 2021. The power of spring equinox is in the balance of light and dark and yin and yang energies.  Earth is waking up as new life is ready to burst into growth.   Days are becoming longer, renewing energy in us.  Spring is optimistic and joyful as we look forward to more active days, more connections with others, celebrations and the fruits of our gardening efforts in late summer and early fall. This is time for preparing and replenishing the soil and planting seeds and seedlings.

The over-all theme will be: planting the seeds

  • Learn the importance of setting intentions as the seeds you are planting.
  • Balancing practices to align the yin and yang energies/feminine/masculine.
  • Awareness practices to discover the “seeds” of the cycles of negative thoughts and reactive emotions.
  • Fertilize your soil with self-compassion, love, trust and integrating all parts of you.

Summer Session

Beginning July 2021. Summer is a high energy time with peak exposure to light and yang energy. This is a time of rapid growth, abundance, experiencing, exploring, expanding, and empowered action. In the garden it is a busy time of weeding, watering, pruning, and enjoying the beauty and the bounty.  It is a time of being in tuned with the elements – did the garden get enough water?  It is also a time of trust that the seeds you planted will grow or not, things ripen when they are ready. Gardening can be a humbling experience when you have a plan and the elements just don’t cooperate. It is about putting in your work, tending the garden and then letting go of control and letting nature take its course.  Summer is about soaking up the sun enjoying those lazy days of summer.

The over-all theme will be: tending the garden

  • Cultivate right action as a result of being in tune with yourself – balancing the doing and the Be-ing in this high yang energy season.
  • Tending to your inner dialogue, feelings, beliefs -what needs to be pruned or pulled up to allow for blossoms.
  • Letting go of control, learning about trust and humility.
  • Learning to relax and just Be the experience of the moment. Meditation on abundance, generosity, gratitude and community.

Fall Session

Beginning October 2021. Days are getting shorter and cooler and we yearn for the comfort of sweaters and fire pits. There is a natural slowing down and getting back to school/work, the seriousness of life. The garden needs to be cleaned up, watered, and protected for the winter. It is also a time of harvest, gratitude and sharing. Fall reminds us of death and the passage of time as we celebrate Halloween and All Souls Day. This is a time for the return of Yin/Feminine energy with the Fall equinox as another balance point during the year. The energy of slowing down allows us to turn within and explore our connection with Mystery and the magic of Spirit.

The overall theme will be:  reap what you sow

  • Reflect on your creations this year, getting in touch with and witnessing the power of your creativity.
  • What do you need to let go of or let die to make room for the new life of next Spring?
  • Dig in the dirt and uncover shadow aspects of your personality that can manifest as weeds crowding out what you really want to grow.
  • Meditate on the mystery of the cycles of life and death and consciousness after death.