Level UP Your Self Care! Energy Tools for Resilience, Balance and Transformation

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About Course

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A  group coaching program to learn self-care practices that can expand your capacity to meet your challenges and develop your potential. Access higher levels of joy, energy and wellbeing through increasing your connection to yourself, others and your source.

An overview of the 6 sessions:

  • Session 1: Grounding: Get to know yourself as an energetic being and learn to balance your energy through grounding.
  • Session 2: Compassion to heal self and others: Increase your connection to your whole self, others, and your Source.
  • Session 3: Gather Your Energy & Boost your Life Force:  Explore your energy boosters and busters and create an energy boosting plan.
  • Session 4: Level UP your Perspective : Using the chakra system to see your challenges from a higher perspective
  • Session 5: Yin/Yang  principles for  Energy Balance:  Access the energy of flow and ease with the union of inner masculine/feminine forces
  • Session 6: Healing Power of Love: Learn about and experience the benefits of the energy of love,  and why it’s the foundation of healing.

Each 90 minute session will include a teaching component, a guided meditation or practice and group interaction. Sessions will be live but recorded for future viewing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn new ways of thriving in todays world.
  • How to expand your sense of self and open to new possibilities.
  • Ways to reduce the effects of stress
  • Ways to build your "energy bank" and uplift your mood
  • How to balance the 3 main energy centers in the body and feel more grounded
  • The amazing power of the heart to create harmony within yourself and with others
  • About the meridians and chakras as energy channels and centers and how to use this knowledge in your self care practices
  • How to balance the "masculine" and "feminine" energies or Yin/Yang for overall balance and increased harmony

Course Content

Energy Tool 1: Grounding
Topics covered include: Introduction to your Energy System: Biofield, Meridians and Chakras Locate and experience the 3 main energy centers Learn 3 grounding techniques

  • Your Energy System and Grounding

Energy Tool 2: Connection and Coherence
We will learn about the neurology and energetics of connection and coherence to create harmony and health.

Energy Tool 3: Energy Boosters and Busters
This session focuses on lifestyle factors that give us energy or deplete energy. We will also learn some energy practices that utilize the meridians for energy balance and stress relief.

Energy Tool 4: Awareness
This session is about the energy center of the mind. We will explore the mind from a neuro-energetic viewpoint.

Energy Tool 5: Yin & Yang Energy Balance
Access the energy of flow and ease with the union of opposites including inner masculine/feminine forces. This allows for recovery and prevention from burnout, adrenal fatigue, and other diseases of imbalance. Originating thousands of years ago in Chinese culture and Taoism, Yin and Yang represent the dynamic balance of opposites and the process of life that is ever unfolding and changing. They are opposite yet interdependent. For example, we can’t have day without night. Both create a whole day. Looking at the opposite energies within us can reveal imbalances and ways of bringing your life into greater harmony, improving your health and well-being on all levels.

Energy Tool 6: Healing Power of Love

Bonus Integration Session

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